Massimo Capodieci

Massimo Capodieci Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity Photographer 3D Artist Founder, Curator and CEO @

Cheyco Leidmann

I must admit since i start Photography i really was fascinated by the style and most of all by the way they use the colors. Cheyco Leidmann, photographer and Ypitylla von Nazareth, artistic director,producer are for me source of inspiration. A way to be analyzed not to be copied.

Yves Manciet

Partecipation to exhibition organization. Also organization about to find the best "Curators" in charge for a serious redaction and compilation. My interest came to the historical publisher Cahiers d'Art, which was re-opened during my search period. My work included the restauration and preservation of the artistic content within the images made by Mr.Manciet Yves till the publication of the two volumes: Dans l'Atelier - Cahiers d'Art Special Issue 2015 (fr edtion) In the Studio - Cahiers d'Art Special Issue 2015 (en edtion)

Irina Ionesco

Controversial photographer, Irina Ionesco as a female artist is one of the few artist who really did change the word of photography made essentially of mail photgrapher. Back then in the 60's to the 70's and 80's the only way to get connected was the printed press and of course she couldn't not exist without publisher who did sustain her artistic point of view.

Elizabeth Prouvost

One of the most promising artist on the french market today.
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